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About this blog

random musings about my game development endevours and other topics I dig up in my mind

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Those little pieces of productivity

Hello again,

Due to work requirements, lately I've been finding myself on the train by about 6:40am and in the city by 7:15am. As you can see, it's a relatively short time of ~35 mins. Previously I would just sit on the train or read a book or play games on my phone. This was mainly due to there not being enough room to whip out my laptop and start tooling about on it.

Over the last couple of weeks, it's been my little productivity zone, where I can sit down put my earphones in block out the noise and just go. I whack open my laptop and get to work on an item that is outstanding, however I break it down into smaller chunks, now it's the standard divide and conquer method that is usually used for tackling bigger tasks, but what I find is that I can rough out the functionality of an object or two in that time frame and have the basic functionality down and ready for tweaking in the game.

It's a time that is now instead of being filled with the what the *&!@ am I doing on the train before 7 to I can't wait to get on there and knock a little bit more off my task list.

Does anyone else have little pieces of productivity they care to share?




Greetings and off we go

G'day Guys,
It's time for that whole get my arse into gear scenario, I've been a lurker at for many many many years, and yet I've never contributed to anything, or even ranted in a blog, well it's time I did! and So begins my Journal at

Whats on the agenda?
Well I've just come off a whirlwind weekend of the Global Game Jam efforts here in Perth Western Australia, and its been a truck load of fun, frustration and fulfilment. Our game is called Help! I'm stuck in a box factory and was developed using FlashDevelop, the Flex SDK and Flixel. Having never used these tools together (I've done a little flex for work) it was a nice smooth learning curve. However the biggest thing for me coming out of the weekend, was the joy of prototyping.

And so the Journey Begins
Over the course of the next few weeks I'll be creating silly little prototypes of ideas I have bouncing around my brain case. Most of them I will be using Unity for, as this gives me a chance to a) learn unity, and b) create a quick and easy PC/MacOS demo of my ideas.

Well that about sums it up for now, until next time....



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