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Last day of the GDC

Well its been a fun ride. This will be the last day I attend the GDC. Its been great to meet everyone...

On a less mushy note, I ended up videoing and taking way more pictures than actual useful writing. I have lots of video of the GDC that I can possibly cut into some kind of interesting format. I also have some cool interviews and those will be going up for the GDC Interview Series.

I still have more to contribute. Keep an eye out for the gamedev flickr page as I spam the page with pics from the GDC.




Update - GDC 2010 Expo Area

Saw some cool stuff on the expo floor ranging from 3D stereoscopic games to a giant ball game that has sensors that you can walk inside of. Also checked out the independent games booth which has some AWESOME 2D games. I'm actually really impressed how the independent game community has really stepped it up in the past 10 years.

I'll probably get fired and banned for this, but the Blizzard booth was pretty depressing. I thought there was going to be something related to SC2, but instead it was a line of people waiting to get a job.

Also I got a free vaccination by Zombrex. If you are at the GDC, please make sure you get vaccinated. Zombrex prevents outbreaks. Its quick, painless and free and you get useful swag after your visit.

Lastly I will post more pics of the GDC on the flickr page when I get back to the hotel.





Such a classy title eh?

Yesterday I spent most of my time handling interviews. If you have been paying attention to the GDC coverage on the main page, you'll notice one of the interviews is up. On that note...I think I'm going to start interviewing people as I meet them because setting up meetings during the GDC is stupidly hard to do.

So the other thing I attempted to do is helping superpig get the flickr account integrated with the site so people like me can dump my SD card onto the web. Internet around the GDC sucks because everyone and their mom is on it. So right now is the best time for me to try doing this again and I will.

After that was all done I hit up the 1 button party. Unfortunately it was stuck in between a nice area and the ghetto. I had a guy in a wheelchair ask if I wanted drugs. I'm pretty sure he didn't need the wheelchair either.

Ah this place is great. Back to work...

By the way I'm still banned. I can see your comments but I can't reply to them. ;)




Guess who's back

Hello.jpg Everyone!

My name is nes8bit. I am the official banned GDNet staff writer for the GDC. You might remember me from such popular threads as Pictures of YOU! or New Topic Theory. Or perhaps such horrible things as... well you know.

I have lots to share and will be posting GDC coverage as fast as I can. So keep an eye out for this journal.



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