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Keeping this going

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A pretty interesting day today was. Had another dine in with EDI (BK), talked some more biz, and watch him pwn some n00bs in Doom 3. Other than that learned a few interesting things that im going to be implimenting into KingPong shortly. Whats gotten accomplished on KingPong? Im glad you asked:

Time Based Animation: Found a killer bug in this bad boy thanks to Raydog and his PowerPC. Apparently I was flipping my screen after I set my end time causing a major offset in what is suppost to be correct time.

Angle of Incident: What is that you say? Well its a way to accuratly estimate the most realistic angle that someone would react to a colision and give it more of a realistic reaction.

Once these nice things are implimented I can continue on further with development and start implimenting further gameplay systems like the power-up system and all those other goodies.
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Glad to hear the angle of incidence addition is coming in. One thing that many pong-esquè games suffer from is that the ball keeps on bouncing off on nearly identical angles every time, making the gameplay tediously repetitive.

Will the player eventually be able to do nifty moves like whack the ball with his sword? :)

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The thing that makes this game different from a pong clone is that the ball isnt the center of gameplay, its kind of a restriction to movement. The object of the game is to destroy your opponents castle before they destroy yours and theres many different ways that damage can be dealt. The ball will cause the most damage but can be controled by different power-ups that you can get in the game. You can stop the balls movement and chose the angle at which it will be thrown at, you can chop the ball to make it move faster, (in an attempt to knock the opponent down allowing for a direct shot), and a few other things im still designing. The story behind it is that you are the only kingdom (atleast you think you are) that has a wizard amonst the ranks. The wizard enchants a boulder that is going to be thrown from your catapult with a reflective spell intended to go inside the enemys castle and bounce off the walls untill its destroyed, unfortunatly the enemys learn about it and send there strongest knights to try and reflect the boulder back at you, ala the pong element to the game.

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