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Screenshots as promised

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Title screen (the penguin looks like he's moonwalking back and forth as Alien Ant Farm plays "Smooth Criminal" in the background) :

Dissolve effect going to actual gameplay:

More of the map, unfortunately we didn't have time to animate the water:

Our music selection (one of the guys actually made the iPod, but this was the last day of the project, and he didn't let on that he could draw any other time...):

Just our stats display:

A battle, with a witch, who is about to pwn me:

As you get more experience, the accuracy of your magic spell gets better, but the enemy's accuracy stays constant. There's also a super move that your penguin can perform (a flying shoulder block), it's to be used as a last resort. While it does a lot of damage to your opponent, it also does 10 damage to you, so you have to be careful. [smile].

One of the hardest things we encountered was getting collision detection to a sufficient level. We specify in our map file what tiles should be collidable, and we do some voodoo to make them actually collidable. There are still a couple of bugs, like you can get snagged on a corner. All in all it was really fun and a great learning experience. While it's not fully completed, it's the best we could do with the schedules we had in the time we had to complete it. Hopefully we'll be making more games soon.

PS: The barbie girl thing for the iPod was an ongoing joke at school [wink].
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That is pretty cool. The art for that iPod is really good. Is there ever gonna be a demo/release of this?

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Yeah, I plan to. I really don't know what sort of license i'm bound to after making it as a school project, but after I find that out, I will figure something out. I might have to rip all of the music out too. I shall see and post it here.

Edit: I was looking at my school's site and according to this site which was linked,


14. Use of Music in Classroom Presentations on the Internet

QUESTION: The opera classroom presentation (SCENARIO Q) or the presentation containing background music (SCENARIO O) is placed on the Internet? Is this a fair use?

ANSWER: This would be fair use so long as access is restricted, e.g., by use of a password or PIN or other means.

So it seems as long as access is restricted, then it is still fair use under the university type of license. I'll try to make a simple installer and put it up later this weekend for anyone who's interested. If you do play it though, keep in mind it's not finished, heck, there's only one level at the moment.

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