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Even though I was shooting for at least 1 new screenshot a week, I don't think it is worth it at this point in time. I'm at the point right now, were coding takes precedence over modelling and terrain building. So rather than show a screenie of the same old stuff, I figured I'd hold off until a few important features are built into the game. That said, I have been taking care of some important components of the server.

The server is now able to interface with an SQLite database. It took me a little bit of fiddling around to get the interface wrapper just the way I want it to work. Now that it is done, i'm very happy with it. Following this completion, I have started the players table, which will maintain persistent storage of player accounts. As it follows, I will be working on the new account/login routines shortly.
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Good move on the database route. Myself, being a weak-kneed database newbie, will likely be taking the flatfile route for my project.

And don't worry about the lack of a screenshot -- I think nearly every developer hear knows exactly what you mean when you say that code > graphics during development. [smile]

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I'm a db newbie too. I decided to kick my flatfile habits and give databases a shot. I chose SQLite for the main reason that it is an embedded database, so you don't need to use a loopback socket connection to connect to the db. I'm just starting out, but if you change your mind on the flatfile stuff, i'd recommend giving SQLite a shot. I've been happy with it thus far.

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There's nothing to stop you using a flat file database and something a bit more fully featured.

I threw together a simple MUD that ran off a flat file DB. I had files for the various tables i.e. room, exit, player, object, permissions etc but I wrote an interface to the flat file commands. So whenever I needed data I used that interface.


x = DbGet(Tablename, Key, Value etc)

Then if you want to hook it up to some SQL DB instead you simply rewrite the DbGet routine to fire off sql instead of delve in to a flat file.

Of course with some OO this can be really sweet with plugable components.

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