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I just finished my first year of college, and what a relief it has been. I took some re-frickin-diculous networking classes, and have managed to get my CCNA. I'm pretty excited, although I must admit, I'm more interested in the code side of things. I wasn't able to get into the CS program this past year because I, in all my wisdom, did not talk to the dean early enough to get a pre-req bypass for some of the more stupid classes, like 'MATH 111'. The base C++ class at the college is the same one I took in high school (and aced I might add), so I suspect I'll be cutting some corners on that one also.

In the game development world, I have been slowly but surely 'practicing' at OpenGL, mostly working on combining certain effects to get other ones. Practice makes perfect. I also have a friend who is going to some uni in Arizona to study game design that wants to hook up and do some game...we were buds in high school we came up with some pretty wacky stuff along the lines of Psychonauts. He's hilarious, and also incredibly good at 3D animation and just basic game creativity. I'm excited about it.

I have been playing rediculous amounts of Dragon Force (on my eBay'd Sega Saturn), and Sword of Mana on my GBA/DS. I really enjoy just looking at Sword of Mana, as it is probably one of the best looking tile-based games I have seen in quite a while. I also thouroughly enjoy the ghetto looking graphics of Dragon Force, although I think at the time it was quite a feat to get 200+ sprites on the screen at once. I'm interested in how they managed the AI for the defensive and offensive positions, as well as the basic attack/defend formations such as Melee and Advance . There's no real trick to it, they just kinda muck around, but still interesting seeing as I've not really had a chance to mess with it.

In other news, I found this 'killar' CD from Copeland called Know Nothing Stays the Same. It has five covers on it, covering Billy Joel, Phil Collins, Carly Simon, Berlin, and Stevie Wonder. It's pretty 80's (duh), but Copeland adds a blend of their own sound, and does a fantastic job. They even make Berlin's crappy Take My Breath Away sound good. Take that Top Gun.

I thought I would show off my new room. The persons that owned it previously had a girl, and so my walls are purple. I'm a minimalist, so this is literally the only furniture in the entire room, and it's a big room.

V for Vendetta, Middle Earth, Walk the Line, and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Audrey Hepburn is awesome, I don't care what you say. On the wall to the left I have a kill bill poster enlightening that wall of my room.

On a closing note, I've been working on some music for my game that i'm gonna post on here and see if I can get some comments. We'll see how it goes.

And the journal preview thing is awesome...
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