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Programming and Music

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What kind of music do you listen to when programming?

I have to admit that what I listen to depends heavily on my mood and what I'm working on.

Edit: I change my mind... it's hard to qualify
Straightforward and Motivated: Drum and Bass.
Complicated and Motivated: Powerful Classical Music.
Un-Motivated: Background music but preferably Lyrical.

Sometimes though I just can't stand any noise and have to cut it all out to continue work. Unfortunately at work I'm in a big open plan trading floor next to trading desks and the problem with traders is they tend to get rather noisy!
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A lot of people seem to find music with lyrics overly distracting when programming, but it's never really bothered me - so as a result my choice of music when program is the same insanely varied choices as any other time - I listen to some dance, a bit of rock, the occasional track of metal, some jazz, a bit of new age thrown in...

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I find repetive beats the most distracting but also quite distracting hence the shift to something more Classical.

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Mainly rock music - Pink Floyd, obviously - but recently ragtime, for no real reason.
I like music as it provides a predictable distraction, and helps to block out the unpredictable distraction from those around you.

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