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Speaking of which, BooGame had a make over [wink]. MediaWiki + phpBB Forum combo.....

Once I have a basic GUI framework running (I have Widgets and the GUI Manager working), I'll release 0.0.3 or 0.1..... Then it'll be quite a bit easier to work on 4E5. [smile]

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To be honest, I haven't had chance to work on the project that uses BooGame. I haven't had time to make any graphics for it and I'm lacking time as my schoollife is getting busier and busier. Not to mention I got the job, y'know, the one I had to do an interview for. [grin]
I do appreciate and am excited about your progress. It seems to me that you only need a bit of publicity towards the starting C# game programmers and you have yourself a SDL-like community in no time.

Once I have time I will create a project with BooGame. I promise. It will be somewhere in the summer though, but be patient. [wink]

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