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Well, I truly am a moron. This month of GDNet+ cost me $40. Why, you ask? Because I forgot to put da money in da bank, causing my bank to charge me a nice heft $35 overdraft fee. YAY!!!

Now, to the point of my entry. I'm having some major issues with working on my project (obviously) mostly because I've done next to nil planning. Another problem is what I plan on doing and what I'm doing are quite the opposite. What I plan on doing is making a some what decent engine that I can use to make atleast 2 or 3 games with. Nothing spectacular. But, what I'm doing is: planning absolutely nothing, going in absolutely no order (I think I'll do the map today, oh! I'm working on the GUI now. Hey lookey, I added a person!, etc.), I'm not making sure everything is working correctly before I move on, and I'm rushing majorly.

I've moved from constantly redoing my wrapper library to constantly redoing my map system, GUI, application framework, and state system.

So, I'm going to do some thinking, figure out what I'm doing and what I'm going to do and then probably post all about it here. And then, I'll probably change it 10 minutes later, like I always do.

Btw, for those that are interested. This is the mockup that I'm designing around at the moment:

Translucent water, shadows, reflections, and tiles under the water

Yes, I know the dialogue is horrid, but what do you think of the rest of it?

Things I've already noted:
Shadows - The shadows for the people and the trees are different. Thats because I just skewed them by their width instead of a set value.

Reflections - The reflections are incorrect (their position was based off of the wrong point.)

User Inteface - The user interface is definitely a filler. I plan on having something really nice.

Corner fringes are missing - The corner fringes are missing (noticeable on the water tile's lip) haven't been done yet. These are just filler graphics at the moment.

Water is too blue - I like it the way it is.

I'm a total theif - Thanks go to Raymond for letting me use his palm tree in my mockup. Thanks goes to GSArchive for the sprite rips (characters) and gamingw.net (character faces.) Everything else was done by me, including the horrid shield, sword, and dialogue box icons.

So, any comments/suggestions/general cc?
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