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Woohoo... free stuff!

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Coffee is indeed a wonderful drink... I got up at my customary midday yesterday (yes, guilty-as-charged with laziness) and over the course of the afternoon I necked around 2 litres of strong black filter coffee. Not a world-record for me - during crunch periods I was on around 3ltrs/day instead.

Consequently I was on fire when it came to working on the FAQ - finished off another 3 entries in addition to the one I posted yesterday. I won't bother posting them here as it'd take up far too much space. Needless to say I was still going strong at gone 3am....

Vista beta testers got given access to an updated build on Saturday (an interim RC1 I think). Sadly its taking forever to download... clocking a solid 18kb/sec for a 2.5gb ISO just aint fun. Probably be mid-week before I actually get a completed file to burn... but I'm slightly optimistic that this build will actually install, unlike the previous 4-5 [headshake]

One of the benefits us Microsoft MVP's get is a $150 credit at the MS company store - which is very nice of them. You've only got the year of your award to spend it, so it doesn't roll-over if you get reawarded. Given that my award ends as of next Friday I figured I'd make use of the $70.01 remaining on my account.

MSDN subscription means I've got all the software I need, I bought a mouse and keyboard already and can't think of any other hardware. Prime candidate was books - I picked up a copy of Code Complete a while back and I wanted to spend the last of my allowance on some C#/.NET books. Sadly they've been out of stock for a couple of weeks and I don't see them reappearing before my account gets deleted... Although, knowing my luck they'll appear in stock tomorrow [lol]

So I figured I'd just have a browse around and see what took my fancy:

Blue Light Up Mouse Pad 4-port 2.0 hub

360 Messenger Bag

Colby Pen-Light Blue

Colby Pen-Orange

Grand total - $69.98 with a mere $0.03 left on the account. I figure it'd be hard to get any closer to the allowance [grin]
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I have to admit that mouse pad is kind of snappy, but the messenger bag has to be the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

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hehe, yeah - the messenger bag (no idea why the "messenger" name though) looks a bit naff. Thing is, I need a decent mid-sized bag for travelling - I went for practical rather than fashion. Given its supposed to hold a console, controllers and games it should be spacious enough, and the previous XBox bag I bought was well made and nicely padded...

Guess I'll find out in due course [smile]


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Lets play the price is right.

I think the mousepad was $24.99. The bag was $39.99. The pens were $2.50 each.

Final answer...let me know the real deal.

Seriously....that's some nice loot ya got there! What did you spend the first part of the $$ on?? Please tell me you didn't buy 10 boxes of "Microsoft MVP Magnum XXL Condoms".

I would have spent all of it on a 3' tall animatronic Master Chief.

- Dan

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I think the mousepad was $24.99. The bag was $39.99. The pens were $2.50 each.
Not too far wrong [smile]

360 Messenger Bag = $49.99
Blue Light Up Mouse Pad 4-port 2.0 hub = $15.99
Colby Pen- Orange = $2.00
Colby Pen-Light Blue = $2.00

What did you spend the first part of the $$ on?? Please tell me you didn't buy 10 boxes of "Microsoft MVP Magnum XXL Condoms"
[looksaround] I thought the ordering system was discrete and confidential... [oh]

Seriously... I bought one of those Optical/Wireless Desktop elite set things (forget its exact name). Problem was that I didn't realise it'd be the US layout - so I find it really hard to use [headshake]. I also picked up a copy of Code Complete, 2nd Edition that I haven't finished reading yet.

I dont think they do animatronic Master Chiefs at the company store - some Halo branded clothing but thats it [smile]


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Hi, Jack. Regarding US vs. UK keyboards, there's a method to buy a product locally and get MS to pay you back. I don't remember the mechanism, as I never used it, but I remember that it was mentioned -- after I bought a keyboard. We use the US layout for English, so that's okay, but there's no Hebrew on it.

My term is also ending this week. I'm sure you'll be renewed. I'm a bit worried that I haven't done enough. Still, had to spend the remaining money. Bought Digital Image Plus and Microsoft Student, just to check them out (the first for the awful DVD authoring software included, the second for Encarta, plus it has a nice 3D calculator, which I'll never use), and the book "Fundamentals of Audio and Video Programming for Games", since I'm not all that familiar with that part of DX.

The nicer free stuff I got was that I won a Radeon X1800XT yesterday at Rage3D! That'd be a great upgrade to my failing 9800 Pro (it's been causing me problems lately, probably because it almost caught fire after my last "Vista install attempt" incident). I'll have to buy a new motherboard and probably a new power supply, and I'm really hoping that a new motherboard will mean that Vista will install.

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