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As noted in my last post, summer vacation keeps interrupting my plans for world domination. On friday I met up with some friends to barbeque. Don't know about you guys, but here in Sweden everybody always buys sausages and makes hot dogs. After living in Brazil for a year, that's just not an acceptable barbeque! Alas, I'm lazy... and when you're using a public grill, you don't really want to put your meat on it. So that creates two problems:

  • Can't be bothered with fancy-smancy barbeque things other than meat.

  • If the meat is going to be eatable, it can't touch the grill.

The first problem is easily solved. Buy pre-marinated meat, and some bread. The second is easy too, just use a stick!
The fire was to low to use the stick full time, so I had to put the meat directly on the coal. That's ok in the caveman book.

This leads us to the ultimate in anti-metrosexual cooking! THE CAVEBURGER! Which proved to be very very cavelicios!

Caveburger De Luxe, note the sauce

So on Saturday we did it again. This time being prepared, we bought stakes that weren't bigger than the bread so we wouldn't need to *gasp* cut the meat! Any unnecessary preparation of the caveburger goes against the caveman-codex. The choosen meat this time was .. pigg. Yes, a true caveman does NOT care if the meat came from the gluteus maximus or the butt - he only cares what name the creature had when it was hunted and killed in front of it's children. Like Bambi's mother. This pigg meat came with a bone part, which of course was left intact in the caveburger. Just eat around it, duh! So this Saturday we added an ingredient; shrimp-sallad! Don't let the name fool you, there aren't any plants in it. This Caveburger De Luxe proved to be very fullfilling!

Here are some Caveburger guidelines:

  • Meat!

  • Bread!

  • Think caveman! Keep It Simple, Stupid.

  • Grill on open fire or coal!

What are YOUR ideas for caveburgers!?
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generally, I cook burgers over a campfire using two sheets of wire mesh with handles to clamp the burger in place.

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