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Gorgon Part Deux

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So I implemented render to texture render targets tonight. I had the framework set up ages ago, and it could handle multiple render windows all along, this was merely an extension.

Behold the magnificent magificentiness.

Ignore the lousy framerate, the app had just started up and hadn't 'warmed' up yet. You'll notice my 'dodge' effect on the sprites. It's obviously not a true dodge.

I'd like to know if there are any corresponding render/texture states that I can set to achieve some of the photoshop-like effects? I'd like accurate Dodge & Burn states, and a nice desaturate effect. I'm sure I can do all that through pixel shaders and what not, but I don't have pixel shaders in this, so for now render states/texture states have to do.

PM me if you know of any way to accomplish this.
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