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As I was telling HopeDagger in my my last entry, almost all of my art lacks any consistency, unless I have a base and modify that. So, I'm going to be using the Derek sprites as a base for all of the other characters in the game. The two hardest parts so far are going to be making a female sprite and making left/right views. Of these two, I have conquered one just now. I present my very first fully animated pixel-sprite:

As with before, I recommend downloading them and looking at them, since browsers speed them up (causing them to look really fast.) The side sprites aren't the best, but they're the best that I could come up with (I just realized I need to fix the shading on a couple of them.) The others that I came up with where, well lets just say "bad."

I got another 4 hours of sleep, so hopefully I can have Bongo Beach done by the time Raymond gets up. I'm off to work on that now.

Edit: I just realized that there is no second foot in my side animations. It looks really strange. I'll have to add that in tomorrow.
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Firefox tends to ignore agif speeds, but IE6 and Opera are both fine with it. Consider switching to Opera. It's European, sexy, and not endorsed by idiots on Digg and SpreadFirefox.

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