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More on memory leaks

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ZOMG so I didn't fix all the memory leaks like I thought.

I did get rid of all of them in Scarlet...sort of, but it turns out I had some strange stuff going on in my Glober (my huffman compressed file archiver) stuff, which Scarlet uses so I can load sprites and textures from Glob files as well as normally. I didn't see this in Car That Drives to the Right because I wasn't reloading stuff from a file all the time, just creating and deleting missiles, who's textures were stored in the TextureManager guy, so it was only loaded once.

I found it in Squarediana Jones because I was having it load the level from a file all the time.

So using CarRight as a testbed again I went out looking and found 3 or 4 really subtle things. I wrote the Glober stuff in 04, so I'm really glad when I wrote it I had just read The C++ Programming Language and had started on Code Complete, because while it obviously wasn't perfect, the code was super easy to look through and see what was going on.

So I did end up finding everything, and now I can create and delete missiles all day long, and load and close compressed files all day long, and NO MEMORY LEAKS!!! HOORAAYY!

In other news, I'm obviously a big Metroid fan, but not even I would buy this:

Sealed Super Metroid on Ebay

I mean holy crap, $229.99, and it has a bid on it! Money to burn I guess.

I am however bidding on an original Metroid with box and Instructions (not sealed :P). I bought the original brand new myself, but I did it later when they had the 'Classic' series out, so I have the yellow box and label, and for completions sake I think I need the Silver Label version. I know, I complain about the original, and claim to not really like it that much, but meh. While I have a collection a lot of games, the Metroid games are the only ones I really collect. Ya know?

There's also a really cool Zero Mission (right up there with Super Metroid) poster up, it's pretty cheap right now, but they want 15 bucks for shipping, and I've been spending enough money as it is, so I think I'll have to pass :(.
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