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I forgot to say that I can't work on the project this week, because my mum uses MAC OS X. So I have a different update in store for you.

The day before yesterday was a dramatic day for our class. My dad predicted this would happen and that this is just normal the last year at high-school. But I don't fully believe him.
It started out in the mathclass. Me and a couple of others were sitting and doing what we were supposed to do, but there were people making an awful lot of noise(I guess they just want to work as a cleaner, anyway). A (very) good friend of mine turned around and asked if they could keep it down because it was hard to concentrate(however I was already in deep concentration - remember this when you read on). They rejected and said things like "let us be teens, you shut up". But they finnaly shut it when the math teacher(which is a very friendly one) explained to them why my friend needed concentration, and that math is a very demanding topic.
My math teacher had to leave early, so we were left to ourselves for a moment. Next up on the schedule was english, but our two main teachers were away, so we had an replacement.

He didn't show up.

So it went anarchy. People started running around and opening the lower windows(illegal, since we're at the 5th floor), they screamed and started playing high-frequency sounds on their mobile phone - however, as I said I was already concentrated. My friend weren't though, so after asking for silence a dozen times, he took his iPod and smashed it into the wall and took his mathbook and threw it out the window, then left. Up until now, the noisy people weren't unfriendly, however noisy. But now they flipped out aswell, shouting after him and calling him a maniac and some other things I won't write down.
Remember what I said about me being in deep concentration? Well, I was celebrated "because he does his homework allright and doesn't flip out".

People barely talk to my friend anymore, one of his best friends have abandoned him.
I can't stop thinking about that I could have been in his seat, hadn't it been for my ability to concentrate(and my inability to turn against my previous classmates).

So now we have two fractions in the class. The ones who care about their career and the ones who don't. When the noisy people start respecting our choices we might perhaps have a good athmosphere here, once again.
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I forgot to say that I can't work on the project this week, because my mum uses MAC OS X. So I have a different update in store for you.

Ha-ha. My game's portable. I've worked on it on Mac OSX, Solaris, Linux, and various versions of Windows. [wink]

Sorry to hear about your friend. Are you going to do something for him?

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