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Orbs: Battle Arena

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Well, it's been quite some time since I last made a post, but that is mainly due to the fact that I've been trying to come up with a killer design for a portfolio game that:

a) I will enjoy working on
b) is within my technical abilities
c) requires art assets that are within my ability to create
d) I will still enjoy working on once I've been working on it alone for 6 months+

I think I have found that idea now. It is simple, shouldn't take long to make, it is reasonably original, will be great fun to play and will not require immense amounts of artistic content. The idea is to create a Super Monkeyball style deathmatch game which I think I will call Orbs: Battle Arena.

Now I wont go into too much detail, as I am working on a design document at this moment in time (and have no desire to type the contents out twice!!) so I shall post my design document when it is ready so everyone can get a better idea of the design of the game. I have however completed a rough unordered list of the different stages this project will probably entail, which I shall try and update with each new journal entry to show my progress.

My bite-sized tasks are as follows:

+ Load up a 3DS file to use as a static level.
+ Integrate ODE physics for the level and the sphere, get it working with a simple sphere dropped
onto the level, and progress from there
+ Add controls systems and ability to jump/double jump, along with appropriate ODE physics
+ Add code for collectible health
+ Add code for collectible powerups
+ Code powerup effects
+ Add AI opponent(s) [task will probably need breaking down further]
+ Add scoring system
+ Add high score table
+ Add game modes
+ Add game menu system
+ Add moving level components
+ Add scoring system
+ Add High Score table
+ Add sound code
+ Investigate multiplayer possibilities

Anyhoo, I shall keep you all updated, and hopefully post reasonably regular screenshots to keep things interesting!

Any suggestions of a better name for the game would be appreciated, Orbs: Battle Arena is just a working title for the time being!


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