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Where did that bottle of wine go?

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Now that I'm back into the world of work (I now get to be one of those professional types who can moan about students scrounging my taxes [lol]) I'm having to "live for the weekend". I spent most of last night writing whilst enjoying a bottle of wine (Valpolicella = ). Woke up this morning with one helluva headache and where there were 3 bottles on the shelf there is now only 1. A quick bit of looking and I found that the missing bottles were now empty. [headshake].

I mentioned that I spent the night writing - what a wild way to spend a Saturday night, eh? [lol]

I've not said anything about it yet because I didn't know if I could/should - but seems the other authors don't mind - I'm writing a section of a book on Direct3D 10. Yay!

My section is all about lighting - covering the basic theory before going on to normal mapping, relief mapping and seven different lighting models. Given that I implemented most of those models just fine under D3D9 I'm trying to push modifications and variations that make use of new tricks possible via the D3D10 API.

I've always wanted to write a book, so I'm obviously very excited about this opportunity. Chances are its all I'll be talking about in this journal for the rest of the year [wink]

For the last couple of hours I've had my head buried in books, papers and documents about the mathematics behind tangent-space transformations. I've been a user of such tricks for a long time, but for the most part I was quite happy to let D3DX handle the finer details for me. Now that I've got to explain this stuff as part of my book I need to really understand it from the ground-up. Its proving to be quite interesting.

Anyway, best crack on with some more words...
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That's awesome! Be sure to give us plenty of updates on it! :D Also be sure to let us know when it will be on sale. ;)

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congrats on the book, having done some writing myself I know how rewarding it can be [grin]

btw, I'm totally gonna bother you about D3D10 stuff for my project [razz]

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Thanks for the comments [smile]

Be sure to give us plenty of updates on it!
I will [grin] Not sure how much detail I can give away though, so might have to be a bit vague until I've cleared that one...

I'm totally gonna bother you about D3D10 stuff for my project
Bring it on! Although does this also mean the OpenGL moderator is going to be spending more time in the DirectX forum now? [lol]


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