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It's looking nice.

I've been meaning to ask you how the pathfinding will be implemented this time around? Are you using the same system from MW?

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Nope, this time around we use a fixed node grid, with nodes linked together to form networks. Paths are found from node to node using dijkstra's algorithim. The only aspects that are still up in the air is how best to translate a mouse click into what node to walk to, 'nearest' didin't seem to work too well, and pure 'next node best direction' isn't all that great either, So I think a more complex combintation of those two will need to be implemented.

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Thanks for taking the time to explain that. Also I've noticed you have cut prices on MW which is nice since my kid's birthday is coming up and he really wants to finish it despite me trying to force old kings quest games on him. [smile]

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Don't worry, Morning's Wrath for Mac is currently in development =)

and if it does well, Malathedra will be availiable for the Mac too =)

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Original post by Rob Loach
Is there a "make-out" action for when both Rebecca and friend on on the screen?

[lol] I've been waiting for you to ask that.

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There is a 'use mouth on person' verb, I can see it now "Kiss Ivy" I'm sure that will resonate real well :)

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