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6 Hour GDC =0

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As far as I can tell the rules are pretty flexible use whatever you have readily available + 6 hours to build a game using any programming/scripting language you like.

Well this is me at the 1 hour, 23 min spot =0 - 4 hours, 37 min to go.

What's been done:
1) Design work done (DB layout, game idea fleshed out on a piece of paper)
2) Login System (just using SSI from SimpleMachinesForum...I might as well integrate this into my PHP game site if I decide to do a 'good' version of it.)
3) Chat System (just using PJIRC to log into my IRC server in the 'main' channel...not that there is much activity. =))
4) Game Creation (nothing fancy, just makes a game and gives both players a default army of 4 units [1 cleric, 1 archer, 2 footmen])
5) Map display (simple, simple map of white squares ftw!)
6) Database table creation (gamelist [game information such as player1, player2, gamename, which player's turn, etc.], unitlist [unit name, attack strength, shield strength, hit points, range]
7) A quickie CSS that keeps the layout in dark colors =0
8) Manual Refresh Button (game window only, leaves chat alone)
9) Players who aren't P1/P2 can observe games.

What's left (minimum):
- Game Logic
---- Combat
---- Movement
---- Turn Change
---- Victory Condition
---- Defeat Condition
- Display-wise
---- Unit Stastics for the unit you last clicked on
---- 'Move' Command Button
---- 'Attack' Command Button

What would be nice:
- Player Army Pre-Placement
---- Player has point buy to 'buy' his army
---- Player can select where in the back two rows his units start
- Draw Option
- Vertical / Horizontal Number Sets for easier X/Y visual
- Player Statistics
---- Wins/Losses
---- 'Rating'
---- Player page with that info available to anyone
---- Rankings Page for all players.
- More Units + Unit Special Abilities
---- Knight (Heavy Footman)
---- Pyromancer (Insta-kills 1 unit (95%), Pyromancer Dies (80%))
---- Hydromancer (Deals 2 damage, Range 3, Bypasses shield)
---- Geomancer (Creates unpassable terrain tile(s))
---- Aeromancer (Passively boosts friendly Archer range by 1, reduces enemy Archer range to 1, has no attack strength)


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