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New Year's Possibilities

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Something I forgot in my last post. I've been looking at everyone's promises of increased productivity & such and just had to chime in. So, in aid of having something to torture myself with at the end of 2007, here are:

Postmortem of 2006.

It's highly ironic (but equally obvious) how now that I'm in full-time employment and married (as of April of 2006), I'm now making much better use of my time and making more progress in game dev. I guess the less time you have, the more you value it. Heed this warning all you kids who are still in school/university/college! If I had spent less time stuffing around and more time doing productive development while in uni I might be in a different place right now. Of course, I would have had much less fun. Take your pick. [grin]

Stuff I learnt: besides all the game dev algorithms and such, the thing I have learnt most about is choosing my battles. It's really hard to be harshly realistic when you've got an awesome idea floating around in your head, but sometimes you just need to cut the feature creep in favour of actually getting something done.

Pre-mortem of 2007.

Values I'd like to take into 2007:
1) Better time management. (no suprises here)
2) More "gettin' stuff done", less "let's see if this works" *
3) More "oomph" (motivation). If I want to take gamedev seriously, I have to take it seriously. Even when I'm stuck or it's boring.

* Nothing wrong with "let's see if this works", I just really need more "gettin' stuff done" right now.

Some things I'd like to have done before 2007 is out:
1) Be competant at using/developing shaders
2) Do something small but cool with C#, XNA and/or .Net **
3) Finish my current project. ***

** More for breaking myself outa the cpp & MFC mire than anything else. Also, it'd be nice to learn some of the new stuff. I already have the project for this in mind, it's just a matter of getting enough time-on-the-side and some nice tutorials to get started with.

*** This is going to be a wait-and-see approach. I don't want to rush it out the door if a bit of extra polish could add more quality. However, I don't want to be spending the rest of my life on it either. Perhaps getting some more devs on board will help here.

Okay, so that's my wish-list for this year. Hopefully I'll be able to look back here on new year's eve and be pleasantly suprised...
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Best of luck, Lachlan! Just remember that I'll be here to verbally attack you whenever you think about slacking. [smile]

*shakes fist*

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