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More unix-like .NET adventures.

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Mono fails to compile on the work machine (SolSparc 10, gcc-4.1.1 or 2.9.5). Or rather it does compile, but the runtime segfaults trying to compile the compiler. Either way... broken. According to my internet search it appears to be a bug with gcc-4.1.1 on certain arch's. 2.9.5 is far too old to get far into the compile, and I'm not so inclined to repeat the two week effort it took to get 4.1.1 compiled (without root access, without setting off people complaining about disk space or resource hogging) to compile some other version of gcc just to see if it will compile up mono (which of course isn't quite necessary for my job as is).

I did though manage to compile dotGNU. It takes like 2-3 seconds to start up the runtime it seems. Horribly annoying but not a dealbreaker. The compiler seems to be a bit more gcc-like in arguments which I sort of dislike at first glance. It also doesn't support anonymous delegates (yet) and who knows what else.

That said, I did manage to knock up a test app in vi that would connect to the local work DB and dump some rows. Hurrah for minor successes. Now to get MSVC# installed before I go psychotic trying to develop C# code using plain vi...
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