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Yay Vacation

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Vacation is going beautifully. My finals week back in December really, really mentally killed me - good news is I ended the semester with a 3.74 and no B's in sight. Unfortunately the price for that was me having no memory whatsoever for about a week - thank god for winter break.

Anyhow after I played my fair share of BF2142 I got bored and decided to start on a programming project. Now, I have a pretty poor track record of starting what I finish, so at the moment I'm just tinkering rather than trying to start a real project. I've been using Ravuya's Propane Injector to see if I could make a top-down 2D space shooter demo, and so far I've had decent success (I've only put about 2 days work into it).

In the interest of full disclosure the ship and station I stole from Cosmic Rift, if I actually ever make a game out of this I'll have to draw up some nifty programmer art.

So far I've got the following things implemented:

  • Ship controlled with WASD, uses some really simple physics to let you accelerate/decelerate and bounces you off of obstacles.
  • Simple particle class to let you fire a weapon from the ship.
  • Camera follows the ship as you move it around, scrolling over a map.

Here's a partial list of what I hope to get done in the near future:

  • Get a simple HUD working that can display some game data
  • Finish the weapons system so that you can shoot AND destroy objects
  • Figure out a better system for scrolling background, right now the background is actually a huge PropaneActor object that just never moves. I'd like to make some kind of simple tiled background.
  • Add sound effects to the ship and some background music
  • Do some all around polishing, and come up with a simple task to complete in the demo so that it's fun.

No guarantees on any of that - I'm hoping to finish it in the next week before I go back to the university. Once I get there I won't have too much time on my hands, so unless I'm excited about what I got done in the demo it'll probably get dropped.
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