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Two assignment deadlines fall within this week and before I can even start work on them, there are one or two other things I have to get done first. So you will have to excuse either the lack of updates or at least the lack of - interesting - updates for the next week.

Articles Inbound

You might have noticed the article links at the top of the page, you can try clicking them but they won't get you very far. I still have to format the articles into a HTML document and upload them to my GDNet+ web space. The titles are pretty self-explanatory but for those of you wanting a slightly more detailed description, here goes:

  • Understanding and Implementing the Singleton

    Alexandrescu's Modern C++ Design proved invaluable to me in writing this article about the Singleton Design Pattern. For those of you who aren't aware of the Singleton, this article will not only explain it's concepts but also provide a fairly robust implementation that you can customise as much as you wish.

  • Integrating Lua with C/C++ (Neatly)

    I've always loved the idea of embedding scripting languages as a means to extending the functionality of a hard coded C++ application. It opens up all sorts of possibilities; including user generated content and rapid prototyping. This article will show you how to compile and integrate the Lua scripting language into a C++ application via a 95% object orientated solution.

  • A Brief Introduction to Smart Pointers

    Writing this one was a bit of a learning process for me, so it is quite brief and will best suit a person who [like me] has never implemented any kind of smart pointer before.

As I have already said I've got a lot of work to do over this week, so these articles may not be posted for a few days.
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All three of these items sound interesting. I look forward to giving them a hearty read-through. [smile]

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