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Back from spring break

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People seem to read journals with pictures in them, so in lieu of screenshots of a cool project (since I have none - though scroll down for details on whats coming up) I'll put up my favorite pictures from spring break. I went backpacking down in Big Bend Texas for the week, definitely tiring but it was a beautiful place.

Early Morning at Boot Canyon

Cliffs in Mexico to the West of Santa Elena Canyon


View off the South Rim

Just before Sunset on the Southwest Rim

View off Emory Peak

Anyhow, in other news I'm supposed to turn in a summary and schedule for a 4-week project in my programming studio class. I'm looking at it as a good way to actually develop a game for once, even if its pretty small. I'm going to relook at the little space shooter demo I did over winter break and make it into a full fledged space shooter.

Right now I'm having trouble deciding what to use for a graphics library, I don't want to have to be writing the low level functionality when I only have 4 weeks. Ideally I'd like to already have:

- Basic animated sprites with collision
- Simple particle engine (for explosions, weapons etc)
- Sound & Music Support
- Input support

I think that so far SxDL looks the most promising, but I've never used it before so theres always a chance it may take more time to rampup to than I expect. I used Ravuya's Propane Injector for the original demo and I'm tempted to stick with that - we'll see.

Anyway you can expect some more frequent journal entries in the near future as I'll have some game development related things to write about :)
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