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change of plan

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My plan was to build a browser game where multiplayers develope a single

character, class beggar, into a millionaire. And the name of it was "Millionaire

Maker." Concept was simple. Players play a character like in RPG: do the quest,

solicit items from sponsors, and develope a character with new skills. Sponsors

support the beggar and place an item in his inventory. And Items are used to

cure the beggar's state. I thought this will give sponsors exposure while

players have fun.

But I found out that people won't play it because they are so used to fantastic

graphic and interface. Mine was just text-base, no fancy animation, and "profile

-like" interface. I let my friends play it and no one found it fun. T.T

After lots of trial, error, and brainstorming, I modify it into a guessing game.

I ask players "Can you guess how much the beggar will make by the time he gets

1,000 support?" and they keep checking and guessing the answer. Sponsors support

the beggar and display their image / ad / logo on homepage. When a player's

guess hit the mark, he wins 10% of the total support. This will give players

fun and money, while sponsors have great exposure to players and visitors.

I think no fancy stuff needed this time because it is a simple guessing game.

Good luck to you and me!
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Sounds like a nice simple mechanic. It'll be interesting to see how well you're able to attract sponsors; once you've got a decent number of sponsors it should be simple enough to entice new players with the potential reward, but it may be hard to get those sponsors in the first place while there aren't all that many players in thier potential market yet.

I imagine you'll also need to put in some solid measures to prevent usage of multiple accounts.

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I think your original idea sounded really interesting and quite different. Are you sure you trialed it on a large enough audience to really find out if people would be interested? Not everyone wants a WoW style 3D extravaganza. There are a lot of non-gamer types on the internet that seem to really like stuff that is simple and original.

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