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City Editor 2.0 CONTINUED...

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I've been adding roads & buildings back into the city editor/map file format...the difference is that there are now hills, not just flat terrain.

I should be done with the editor on Tuesday, and have 1 or 2 cool looking cities made as well :-)

The main thing left to implement is the easy-to-use city block / road placement tools. Previously I've had to paint the roads/buildings by hand...which can get tedious. I developed some basic "sets" of city blocks tied to hot keys which made the process easier...but this new approach will be much better.

The map's creator will be able to lay down random city blocks by just cicking+dragging to select an area of terrain, and clicking a button.
The user will still have the option to put buildings/tiles on the map by hand to add variety, etc.

I'm very curious how good I'll be able to get the cities to look with these hills. I imagine I could create a San Francisco -ish city pretty easily. Also now that the maps can be 4X bigger, I can have several of the old sized cities on the same map, with terrain / cliffs / trees in between.

The game is still not really suited for large mountains etc...it's up to the map's creator to decide what looks good, though I'm not going to limit the editor in any way.

I can't wait to cruse the country side in a car :-D It'll look a lot better once I get trees/fences/powerlines/etc. on the terrain as well. I can't wait...[grin]

Here are some new screens...

Fixed the shadow maps since the video I uploaded yesterday...I still have to make the rock texture less repetative.

Roads snapped to terrain...

Older screenshot with basic road geometry...

Playing around with the water height...

Check out the frame-rates [cool sun-glasses]...

That's it for now...I can't wait to get vehicles on the terrain tommorow [grin]

- Danny
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Impressive and inspirational as always. I'm in the beginning stages of a terrain heavy game at the moment and your quick and impressive work is having a lot of influence on my decisions.

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Graphically you've just jumped up to a whole new level of awesomeness.

It's amazing what a difference that terrain engine is already making [oh]

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Can't wait for those screenshots of cities with hills. I'm quite amazed that you've reconsidered your decision not to implement real terrain but I'm happy you did so.

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Thanks for comments guys glad you like how its looking [grin]

I just wish I could make the terrain "rounder"...I'll just have to stick to larger/lower hills I suppose :-)

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Original post by dgreen02
I just wish I could make the terrain "rounder"...I'll just have to stick to larger/lower hills I suppose :-)

Yay, I'm having the same problem and picked the same solution, 1337! [grin]

I've found averaging the terrain normals with their neighbors helps to make this a bit more bearable. Don't know if that's of any help, but it's the least I could do :)

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