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Ravuya's Game Art Corner #1: Holy shit that looks

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So I put on my beret and started trying to develop game art. I've been making various crappy models, uv-unwrapping them and trying to texture them, like this:

Clearly texturing isn't my strong suit, but I guess that's why I'm practicing the unwrapping.

This one actually came out pretty well; I'm starting to understand my unwrapping tool much better though I have to learn to resist its automatic features and try to make everything the same size, so it's easy to paint across faces.

Once I get better here, I'll try making a proper high-polygon model and unwrapping that. Thrills!
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Texture unwrapping?

Wow, you are light years ahead of me. Bravo for the courage. The mere thought sends my stomach reeling.

Also, your GUI is looking nifty. Churning through finals and UI programming -- how joyful your life must be right now.

A quick hijack -- you haven't by chance set up PTK with XCode have you? We'll be looking for someone to make the port for Gearo/Fireheart demos in the coming weeks/months and I thought I'd run it by you. As far as I know (which probably isn't very far) I haven't written a single line of code that isn't cross platform. But I don't have access to a Mac nor have I ever used XCode, so you can see where that is going.

If you are interested give me a pm or you can email me:
shadowcomplex [at] yahoo.com

Sorry for the hijacking grafitti and keep up the good work =)

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Sorry SC, I've never done anything with PTK. I know Apple recommends it on their cross-platform game development page, though, so it can't be that hard to port.

Maybe ask visage or Schmedly or one of the other Mac owners. iDevGames will certainly have someone who's used it and is willing to port.

If I knew more about PTK and had more time I'd certainly volunteer to port it -- but I still have a backlog of games I meant to port earlier but didn't (String Theory, Membrane Massacre).

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