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New Books

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Trapper Zoid


I usually don't put in updates so soon after the previous one, but I was surprised today by the arrival of my Amazon book order about a fortnight before I was expecting it. Previously Amazon seems to have taken two months to ship a package to me, whereas this time it must have been under two weeks. I guess their air mail must have hit a favourable trade wind on the way here.

In my latest acquisition I've got the following titles:

Write Portable Code: An Introduction to Developing Software for Multiple Plaforms by Brian Hook

Now that I'm developing on Mac OS X I thought it best to have a guide to how to develop for multiple platforms. Although the book is aimed at a general programming audience Brian Hook comes from a game programming background.

Cross-Platform Game Programming by Steven Goodwin

I wasn't sure which of the two cross-platform books it was best to get, so I decided I might as well get both. Between the both of them it should give me a good insight into what I need to do to make my code portable friendly

Creating Casual Games for Profit and Fun by Allen Partridge

I bought this one slightly on a whim so I'm unsure as to the book's ultimate usefulness, but the subject is something I'm very much interested.

Designing Type by Karen Cheng

I've always had respect for type designers and was interested in how you can go about designing a typeface yourself. This is the only book I've found that explains the process. Skimming through the book it's got tips on how to design each glyph, serif or sans-serif. I don't know if I'll have the time to do font design myself but it's a very interesting topic.

And if you missed the last entry, there's a GameDev competition on. Suggestions on approriate themes welcome!
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