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Change of plans

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Changed my mind some about the leveleditor. Have been coding some on it, but haven't really come far. I'm modeling it after a well known program that I find easy to use, which the leveleditor hopefully will be too.

But well here is the progress:
The painting selecting and moving tools are functional, the yellow box around one of the green tiles marks that the tile is selected, you can select as many tiles as you want. I will implement a selection box, like in explorer, that selects all the tiles that are within the box, but for now you have to select the tiles one by one.
Once selected you can move the tiles around, using the move tool, right now only by the keyboard but mouse movement should come soon.

Here comes the screenshot:

I will hopefully get some work done on it now that school is done, have my final exam in 12 hours. Got some grand plans for this :)
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