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Is this thing on?

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Whoa, hey... a web site about game development! What a funny coincidence, seeing as that's what I do! Odd that I've never seen it before...

Looks like a decent enough place. I'll register for an account.

Email address already in use...? WTF!? How did someone hijack my work email to sign up here?!




The long version of the story isn't worth going into, and I'm too lazy to do that anyways.

The short version of the story is that I've been diagnosed with type II bipolar disorder.

So now, after a short (and thoroughly unexpected) absence, I'm back. Expect pretty much more of the same good ol' classic Apoch, except this time I really am taking mind-altering drugs. Woohoo!

And now, I need to go continue indulging my fantasy that you guys like me enough to actually care [grin]
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Well, you aren't the only one in the world who has bipolar disorder (not sure about the type), Robi Williams has it, and so has Carrie Fisher and most importantly (well to me anyway), Stephen Fry.
So you are in good company (in 2 out of 3 anyway :P).

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Bipolar is rough. I had a friend in high school who would have severe bipolar episodes and I would come and pick him up from the hospital shortly thereafter.

It was there that I discovered that loony bins aren't padded and stark white, but rather a sort of pleasant light pastel pink/beige colour.

At least you seem to have a handle on it. Good luck, man.

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I have a couple of friends who are bipolar as well. It really isn't a problem with the meds they have now. Just keep those going and you'll be fine. The main thing to keep in mind is that it's a biological thing and there's nothing that you could be doing elsewise to stop it. It's not like you're a chain smoking fool who's surprised to find out they have lung cancer.

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Wow that sucks :( My mother is bipolar, and I can honestly say I wouldn't wish it on anyone. Especially the hell she had to endure trying to find the right combination of medications. Hopefully you're one of the lucky ones who'll be able to hit on a regiment that works for you early into it.

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Yeah, I knew someone who was seriously bipolar a few years ago (I mean, I knew her a few years ago - I imagine she is still seriously bipolar). One of those things that unless you have experienced it, I guess you can't even begin to imagine what it's like.

My friend's experience with medication was that a particular medication would work for a while then sort of wear off, so she was constantly having her medication chopped and changed by her GP to keep her stable.

Hard to say if that made her worse or better since I never saw her off medication all together.

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Hey man - we care. I've been reading your blog for over two years. Though the content herein has ranged from the humorous to the deadly serious it has always been engaging.

The way you've carved out a cool career path for yourself through perseverance and sheer dedication to the idea of doing what you love has been one of the inspirations for my returning to school to actually formally study the subject I've loved all along (Comp Sci) and get my Masters and PhD. Yes, as previous posters have noted, bipolar is rough -- trust me, I know. But stick to a program and you'll be ok.

If there's anything I could advise - if meds don't seem to be making a difference after two to two and a half months - for God's sake make sure your Doctor switches them up. Effectiveness on these things is really and truly all over the map; one person's dream drug is another's non-performer.

Bravo to you for all that you've accomplished and for keeping up the good fight.

All the Best!

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Original post by Ainokea
All the interesting people are crazy.

Yep. That's why I like this Journal.

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