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Sphere Affinity

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In Magic the Gathering you play land cards. IN a game called Poxnora you have "Factions" which you build decks with. In Immortal Kingdoms you have spell spheres and sphere affinity.

There are 12 spell spheres. These are Energy, Summoning, Mind, Meta, Illusion, Nature, Life, Death, Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

So, when building a rune deck (or Brigade) I wanted the players to have freedom to choose the various runes they liked but to also kind of "encourage" themes (like Magic the GAthering has red decks, blue decks, etc).

Like other games the different spheres have certain types of runes (red has a lot of damage spells, life has healing, etc). So I wanted to kind of restrict players and make them want to play more theme decks then circus decks (a little of everything with no cohesive style or theme) but without having them feel "restricted".

So I came up with Sphere Affinity. With Sphere Affinity you have an affinity SCORE with each spell sphere. This starts at 100. 100 Fire Affinity, 100 Energy Affinity, etc.

Each time you play a rune from that sphere your affinity goes up in that sphere and down in all 11 other spheres. It goes down by 5% of the cost of the mana cost of the rune.

For example, if you played a 100 mana cost fire rune it would increase your fire affinity by 5 (from 100 to 105). It would decrease all other sphere affinities to 95.

So what does affinity do? Well, every time you play a rune there is a chance the cost of the rune will be either 10% more or 10% less. The chances of this are based on a percentage check of your sphere affinity being either over or under 100.

Take the example above. If your fire affinity is now 105 then you are 5 OVER 100 for your fire affinity. So you now have a 5% chance that the mana cost of your next fire rune played will cost 10% less.

Now if you are at 95 Air Affinity (for example) then there is a 5% chance that your next air rune played will cost 10% more.

My hope is that this will be something you need to be aware of but still give players that opportunity to build the Rune Brigades they want. Also, there are bonuses and loses so it will make players consider the strategic implications of using all one deck and having the chance to get additional mana or trying to go with a deck with a lot of variety and taking a chance of paying more mana.

I didn't want anything to severe basically. There are also runes that will increase sphere affinity.

I am currently working on implementing this into the game so any problems anybody sees with this would help. Or any ideas to make it better.
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Recommended Comments

This is another good idea, I like it very much.

The only strange thing I see is that everytime I play a fire spell, I gain 5 affinity point (in fire) but I loose 55 affinity points.
This seems a bit odd to me, not sure why but I feel it's a bit unbalanced.

I think the affinity pool should keep it's overall total score to a amount(100x12=1200) and then, each time you play a spell, there should be an equilibrium between the affinity gained in one or more sphere and the affinity lost.

For example, you could say that playing a fire spell will give you:
+5 Fire
-5 Water
+4 Earth
-4 AirEnergy
+3 Summoning
-3 Mind
+2 Meta
-2 Illusion
+1 Nature
-1 Life
0 Death

This way you keep the affinity pool balanced and also you could say that each affinity sphere has an "affinity relation" with other spheres.
Following the example above, you see that you dont' want to mix fire and water spell in your deck, but maybe it could be a good idea to mix fire and earth spell

Anyway, I think you're doing a very good job.

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Either that or you can lose 1pt for each of the other spheres and gain 11pt for the one you're using :)

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I appreciate the concept of balancing your affinity scores and "affinity relation" is something I considered. But I kind of wanted total freedom in terms of choice.

As far as balance/equilibrium; I could see doing it but the #'s no longer work when taking into consideration the reason to have sphere affinity. To have a percentage roll that discourages choosing too many spheres.

The way I have it now you gain 5% in one and lose 5% in all others because this "Greatly Encourages" one sphere and "Discourages" all the rest. Yes it still allows you to use other spheres...just not too many.

A little example:

You play 2 Water Runes of 10/20 each. Your Water Affinity is now 101.5 and your other spheres are 98.5.
-At this point you can still use all other spheres without worrying. A 1.5% chance of problems is minor.

Next you play a 50 mana cost Energy Rune. Your Energy Affinity is now 101, your water affinity is 99, and the rest are 96. Still pretty safe with everything.

Now you play a 100 mana cost Meta Rune. Your Meta Affinity is now 101, your energy affinity is 96, water affinity is 94, and the rest are 91.

So, with the battle well under way but far from complete you have one sphere that is safe from the mana loss, two that have about a 5% chance of loss, and 9 with about a 9% chance.

I kind of like this breakdown. You can use 3-4 spheres if you are careful without much fear of mana loss. Or you can focus on 1-2 and have a nice chance on mana gain. Or you can go with 5+ spheres and take your chances. Maybe use an affinity rune to bring your affinity scores up.

With either of your methods there is too much gain or too little loss. Not sure about changing because it doesn't quite "fee balanced".

As to how I explain "balance". The idea is that you are gaining greatly in one affinity and quickly losing all affinity with others each time you use a rune. I think that kind of makes sense. You don't really need to keep things "balanced". After each battle everything is reset.

Anyway, if you have ideas where the balance matches the game play I'll listen.

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