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Seeing as almost everyone else seems to be getting juicy front-page love, I figure I should start posting in this thing again.

Unfortunately, I have no pretty screenshots as I'm still working on the infrastructure for Afterglow. I started work on the component system today, and ended up with a few re-usable components, a lot of skeletons and the skeleton of my Actor type. Tomorrow I'll probably throw in a few minutes of working on making a "Renderable" component, which I should be able to bolt onto almost any game object to make it draw in the world.

The asset system I mentioned in the last post is more or less done, and it works pretty well. I was worried about the overhead of using smart pointers, but it's relatively minimal according to my profiling step. We'll see how it gets as the game progresses.

I also moved the map code over from the editor into the Afterglow solution and I've started pulling out bits and pieces to make it fit with the rendering pattern in use in the game, as well as cleaning out the immediate mode stuff to make it faster. Hopefully soon I can go back to the editor and make it so I can actually build levels (or at least geometry) with it. That would be awesome, especially since I've been building the Afterglow executable with plans to make it usable as a slave from the editor -- so I can do a run/test loop from the editor without having to restart either program. But we'll see how that goes.

Like I said before, no pretty screenshot this time. If you're good, I might work extra hard and pop out a screenshot of the map rendering to the MRT buffer through my "old TV" shader.


I'm also playing a lot of Sins of a Solar Empire and PGR4. If you've got either, I guess we should be having either a space battle or tire-squealing fit.

Also, this is simply awesome.
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I read about the merchandising/egp-game retail solution this morning: very fucking cool.

Unfortunately, I went to the only Target in this forsaken 'city' this morning and I couldn't find anything like this. When I asked someone there about the video game/shirt combos, all I got was a deer in the headlights stare. Guess I'll check back later this week.

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I was thinking of picking up Sins this week - let you know if I do so we can duke it out online.

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