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A month!?

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Has it indeed been an entire month since my last update, dear journal?

So it has.

This month has been an utter whirlwind for me, in terms of both work and that elusive real life. Nevertheless, I've still been pumping in some work into Cyberspawn here and there whenever I can. The most notable additions lately have been in the form of content; models, textures, and so forth. The engine is far enough along now that I'm getting interested in starting to make the game look less threadbare overall.

The current state of things is something like this:

A very refreshing change of scenery from the strange cold surroundings of old. Texture quality still isn't up to par with my ideals, but I'm fond of the new hanging light and door models/meshes that you can see in this shot. Maybe a painting or two to hang on the walls here would give it a little more spruce. We'll see. [smile]

Back to the coal mines!
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Hurrah, welcome back!

The textures are looking great*! Are you still making them yourself? If so, you've definitely got a knack for it :)

The room also has a very ominous feel (probably because of the dim lighting), but the potted plants emanate a feeling of utter safeness with their little sparse trunks. Glad to see someone in the evil conglomerate of evil** has a green thumb!

Anyhow, it's good to see you're managing to juggle work, real life, and game design! I may not post often, but I'm really looking forward to seeing it (or whatever project may spawn off of it, for that matter ;) )

(*although I should be honest, the wall molding looks stretchy!)

(**it's just that evil!)

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Looking good. I look forward to more posts and maybe a video!

So much nicer looking than what I've got going. [grin] I'll beat you, though.

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Looking fantastic. And nice to see you back in Journal land.

Original post by HopeDagger
This month has been an utter whirlwind for me, in terms of both work and that elusive real life.

That's the nicest thing about having a community like this one - I don't think anyone else can ever understand what it is like trying to write indie games while holding down a day-life. [smile]

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Looks really nice. I like the plants, and the roof texture is particularly good.

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Thank you for the kind words, all. I'm happy to hear that there are still some fellow developers following my development.

@DC: Thanks for pointing out the stretching issue -- I think it's fixed now. And yes, I'm still making all of the content (textures/models/etc.) for the game. It's certainly a relief to hear that they look decent to the outside viewer. [grin]

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