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Decent progress

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I'm trying a different method for entries. Instead of trying to remember everything that went down all day, I'm going to keep my text-editor open and make comments and whatnot as I'm programming.
Ok, I reimplemented logging and it came out decent (besides the color-scheme; I'll probably change that somewhere along the line), though it's not quite as complex as the one from the article (I don't feel like implementing filters right now.) You can check out the results here.
On a side note, it took a little while to get the hang of XSLT, but I have to say, I absolutely love it. It's actually feels quite "natural" in my opinion and is very well designed.

The sound system is in as well, but I'm not very happy with it either lol. irrKlang is the oddest sound API I've seen (not saying it's bad or anything, it's just different from everything else I've checked out.) It's more powerful, has better features, and is up to date (audiere hasn't been updated since 2006.) With my lack of audio programming it'll probably need to be tweaked and modified as I go anyway. I have the basic design down though and I really shouldn't have to change it much no matter what underlying API I used.

The time system is back in now (not much of an issue seeing as how it doesn't have much power to begin with, so I didn't have to change much.)

I'm putting off shader support for now for the simple reason that I don't think it's needed for what I have planned. At least, not with the 2D stuff (so, I can always put it in once I start adding 3D stuff.) Same goes for the particle engine. Both will be easy to implement at a later date and won't be too much of a hassle to integrate with the 2D stuff if I need/want it.

Anyway, things are going good. I still can't really make anything (Beelz.Graphics doesn't have any actual drawing capabilities yet; the core does, but I haven't interfaced Beelz.Graphics with them just yet), but I did throw together a little something to make a screenshot and to test out the game system I implemented earlier. You can see the results below (I achieved this by including the core directly into the test bed just for this specific test):

MyGame! - Beelz Test Bed

Next up is interfacing the graphics system, implementing the scripting system, command console, and then the GUI.

Hm...I seem to have forgotten to mention that the animation system is in place as well. I need to upgrade it so that instead of just having a collection of frames, you have a collection of sequences with contain a collection of frames. This way, for an example, you can have a single animation for each character and then have different sequences for walking, attacking, etc.

Time for bed.

Just wanted to point out that the app in the image is static; I'm just loading textures and drawing them to the screen at the same place every frame.
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