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Someone Watching Over Me

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The first demo of Escape from Space-Prison Lambda is released! This is just showing what I have done so far and any input would be much appreciated [wink].

Since my last post I have added the ability to have more than one enemy on the screen at once as well as both the player and enemies being able to fire.

Some things I will need to add are pixel-perfect collisions. This is because at the moment the enemies and player are very clearly not precisely hit when they are destroyed.

Next, I hope to add enemy charging and re-entering so that the Enemy class is pretyy much complete. Then I can start adding the different enemies and look at ways to load both enemies and levels from a file.

Also, here is the source code for anyone who wants to look. (I would also appreciate if someone could check I'm not doing anything ill-advised [wink]).

Thanks for reading
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