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Slow Progress

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So I've finally moved up into my new office, instead of sharing a spot in the war-zone of my downstairs living room.

The renovation is going -OK- however I think before time we're gonna have to bring in some legal representation if we can expect to not get screwed.

progress on morning's wrath has been stalled by a significant issue. As previously mentioned I managed to 'right' Selenite and incorporated the SFML library to reduce a lot of custom rolled code in areas I don't care to think about.

But there still exists a big problem with a GUI system; the system i wrote to fill the gap is ... okay, but unfinished, untested and frankly not as good as it 'could' be; but, I really don't want to focus my precious time on writing GUI systems, I'm sure there are folks in the world focused on that already.

So, im searching for a good lightweight gui library which can fit my needs and doesn't rub me the wrong way; I'm hoping for a good fit, such as SFML provided. But so far nothing has really presented itself; the main reason being, most GUI systems try to do far too much. e.g. I don't want my gui library dictating what graphics api I must use or require that i use their style of effect management/image management/etc.

i may be searching for a while =/
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