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11 Days - [Day 6] - End

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Day 6 - End
I got partway through creating the path following mechanism and got bogged down by some unwieldy code I'd done before. As I'm now connecting different parts of the system i can see just how much of a hack job it all is.
Don't get me wrong, it works and individually its fine, but when trying to get it to work together the deficiencies are more obvious.
I went through and cleaned up most of the code I'd already done to follow some sort of common standard.
I can now add/remove methods to modules without worrying that it'll break anything else.
While i was doing this i moved the final section into the external library, leaving only the code that is dependent on unity in the project library.
To reiterate this is only to make the debugging easier, if something is better suited to the project library it will be moved back once I'm done with the bulk of the development.

I have finished adding the character stat collections, this has some interesting design choices as I'd previously completed 90% of a much more comprehensive stat/item/damage system.
This system is a module that i was developing as a standalone library (to be used in this project) but was part of a much grander design. I am still planning on completing that library after this prototype because it is one of the better projects I've attempted.
It is a simple XML driven stat system with some not so simple features, however i felt it was disproportionately complex when put against the rest of the prototype. So i have created from a scratch a hugely cut down version of the system that i can quickly integrate and use in the prototype.
When i come to full development of this project i will finish the original module in its standalone form and use that library as the basis of all item/stats in the finished game.

The path creator/movement is nearly done but was slowed by the refactoring(a necessary evil), I'm also actively trying to avoid having to write my own a* implementation but its looks as though i will. I 've see a couple of libraries but they are non-commercial licenses.

I'll post some movies once i have working path creation/following.

Back to work....
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