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The smell of summer dreams.

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From atop the light post, starring behind myself. The back seat of a Dodge dart, down the street with only one building. Backs of heads with no faces, whispers but no voices. Walked to the front door, and entered the second floor. A balcony, looking down on the basketball court. Loud beeps and a bad feeling. Ran to the bathroom, and talked to the urinal. Freaked out and jumped through the hoop. Woke up and Howard stern was on my alarm.

Not only do I have to have my alarm out of arms reached, but I realize I can't have it set to the radio. My brain just doesn't want to wake up when the alarm is going off... but for some reason I constantly wake up ten minutes before it does go off thinking I slept through it again. We got talking about weird dreams at work, and that was the one dream I've never forgotten... probably the most lucid dream I've ever had. Have you ever had any weird dreams that you remember?

Bombs away...

Been actually getting ahead of myself and little off track with the project. I've been taking the day to review my designs, and make sure I'm following them. As well I'm trying to put together a half decent script for the story. I've had the basics of why, and where. Though I just never really thought about how I want to portray it... dialogue wise.

As you can probably see from the video, other than the player I've just about got everything to do with the main game play finished. Just needs to have some levels scripted. If I can keep pushing myself, I should have a rough outline of the player coded by the end of the week. :D With my motivation so high lately, I've been getting quite alot done.

Something I've always liked doing, during down time is taking all my design notes and lay them out graphically so I can get an easier view of them instead of constantly referring to the many pages in my notebook. Which by this time, is about to run out of room, with 180 pages of notes and ideas. Should go get another one before it runs out.

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