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Ewe Can't Touch This: Begin Day 2!

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So I was only up until about midnight last night, because my artist wanted me to come to bed. "That's OK," I thought, "That just means I can get up early and work on it tomorrow morning, right"?


A morning person I am not, so here I am at 10.39am on Sunday, still with a fair bit to get done. Time will be tight, but I have until 3am Tuesday morning to finish. Might end up being a late one Monday night, although hopefully not too late seeing as I'm up for work at 6.30 each morning.

Anyway, I spent a fair chunk of yesterday working on GUI, and general game state logic (game->menu->game) etc. I now have the scoring and upgrading system working relatively well, most of the work now is just to balance the numbers that the upgrades give you.

Also, as I hinted above, I have my girlfriend working for me as an artist, which helps a lot, because I can't draw (paper or digital) to save myself. Obligatory screenshot:

02- GUI.png

Here we go again!
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Not my fault you slept in! :P And thank you for the credit for my amazing artwork on the sheep, haha.

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