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Hello again!
So, does anyone even read these journals nowadays?

I haven't really posted anything since the new GDNet site rolled out. What's up with the front page? Why don't we have staff-written articles anymore? Where's the Journal Land posts? I always enjoyed reading those every Friday.

The front page is just a bunch of links to articles on other sites. Nobody even seems to comment on them anymore. The forums appear to be just as active as ever, but the front page just seems so lifeless and generic now.

Anyway, enough complaining about that.

Project updates

New game is in the works. It will be for iPad, Mac, and PC! It's still in early pre-production. I purchased a graphics tablet to help me make all the cool sprites that I'll need.

Trouble is, a lot of what I need to draw for this game is currently beyond my artistic abilities; there's a steep learning curve here.

As for Spectre, I'm slowly working on the desktop version of the game. There's a fair amount of polish left. It's really been struggling in the iOS App Store, so I am prioritizing it very conservatively compared to my other project. Check it out here
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The journals still get plenty of traffic, although obviously there are more of them now that you don't have to be GDNet+ to have one. Drew still does the [url=""]Weekend Reading[/url] round-up posts too, and they appear on the front page in the featured box.

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I'm a forgetful person. Must be ADD. Or something. What were we talking about?

We still can't track journal comments, so I'll probably forget I posted this here too *sigh* That's my own personal GDNet Whine of the Week.

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I do find it more difficult to keep track of the journals and updates. The old style used to present them as a nice grid so it was easy to see the updates at the top. The new style is a lot more messy, but still usable.

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dunno what you mean ukdm - the current journal page, minus the three featured entries at the top, is the same "grid" as the old one with newer entries up top and older ones the lower you go, in two columns

My issue with tracking is that you get no notification that I just replied to your comment here

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