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SAGE UI Progress

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Well, I knocked out a couple of the screens tonight. Here is a shot of the title screen:
(Note: these are just mechanics and symbols; I'll work on prettifying them once a project is chosen.)

Here is a shot of the load game screen:

And the pop up when you click the delete button:

Made a little progress on choosing a story, but still nothing solid yet. Watching Mirror Mask the other night inspired this idea.
Anyway, time for bed; more screenshots of new screens tomorrow (hopefully.)

Also, I just might have to bump down the '60%' as I just realized tonight that I do not have any sort of audio system in place.

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[quote name='roverstu' timestamp='1335274872']
Just a heads up.. since sometimes you read things so often you miss it:
"Are you sure you want to this saved game?" is missing a word.. load, delete, ??

Lol, thank you very much! I've been looking at that very intently (refactoring the UI a little), but apparently not reading it.

Thanks again!

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