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Treasure House dies, Project Warehouse is born

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A couple nights ago I sat down with my wife, Cierra, to figure out how we wanted to do the demo. Up until that point she hadn't really been involved much, so all of the ideas had come from me. This is a problem because I am a very logical thinker; if things don't add up right or don't seem to make sense, I rewrite/get rid of stuff. Thus why I pretty much never advance past the point of prototyping; I throw things together and I am fine until I start getting into the actual game and things don't add up for me. So, I start rewriting things/changing things so that they do and then they start getting boring or just plain aren't fun.

Enter Treasure House. The backstory was just plain depressing for anyone who isn't living their dream. Aaron is your typical every day person; he's a little bit further than some (he's actually started his business and has an office), but his dreams are crashing as he isn't making any money, can't pay his bills, and he's lonely.

Anyway, Cierra and I sat down, brainstormed and came up with a great storyline that we're both excited about. We have the story for the demo completely written out (I still have to work in a few puzzles), but I just can't handle the art and sound, so I'm currently trying to acquire some funds to hire an artist and pay for some tunes. Once I have that I'll be able to really start production, until then I'm going to work on finishing off and polishing up the editor.
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I think that it is great that you are looking for an "outside" view. Too often people get tunnel vision from their ideas and how others will see them. Good luck!

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I cannot wait to see what you both come up with. I personally struggle working with other people when it comes to my projects, but having your wife interested a big bonus! :)

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@Navyman: I agree completely! This seems to happen on both extremes from what I've seen; either people think their ideas are the best ever or the worst ever.

@Black-Rook: I normally struggle when working with others as well, but Cierra is one of the few people that I can trust to tell me when my ideas are terrible, so I'm lucky there lol. Only problem is now I have to listen to "I wrote your storyline" all the time XD

Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate it!

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I really hope it all works out! I've never been able to successfully complete a team project before; well a free one anyhow! It's hard to find people that stay motivated and maintain the same vision for any given project.

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