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Nearly done with the Re Write

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To begin with, I accidently erased the folder that had my project files, as well as the website, and from the server as well. But is ok now. So I have been re writing the re write. But anyway. The latest version is on newly worked website at http://bluestar03.com/Chronicle/Alpha. Two new features of the site is that previous builds are available, and also, it has pages for the design notes and artwork. I still am working on the site.

On the game, everything I had before has been redone, and a bit more as well. The settings and developer menu work. However there aren't any options for the Web version. In the Mobile version, The Virtual Joystick can be switch between Fixed, Dynamic and Adaptive versions. On the Desktop, under graphics, the window size can be changes between 1x, 2x, and 3x, and also, the game can be set to fullscreen. On the Developer Menu, the Dev Lines can be turn on or off. Right now, it shows some of the input variables and some other ones that I was using at the time. One nice one is perspective. It toggles between Isometric and Cartesian. The game is ultimately and Isometric game, but under the hood, it works on a Cartesian grid. It is helpful to switch between perspectives to see how movement and collision works.

On this release, I finished the animation system, and one thing I wanted to do is to show a character. So the Character is Yol. He is a playable character in the game. I will put more info on him on the design and artwork pages on the site. Thou one thing, I forgot his tail. Going forward, I will start placing one new character in each build.

To end the 005 series on the rewrite, I just need to tidy up the code, and then I can start in working in new milestones. The next one would be NPCs, so that I can put characters in future builds.
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Sorry you lost work sir. :/  I suggest investing some time (and maybe some money) in source control. I recommend Subversion or Git.

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