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Day 3: Fancy transitions

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I implemented the death stage, and it turned out really badly, its way to easy if you survive the first few seconds, and thats before the time I have realized I am in a special stage. The crazy number of asteroids make the game run very slow, and some objects aren't properly disabled, so you can not see normal enemies or collide with them, but I haven't disabled the collision between the enemies and the bullets during the death stage yet, making coins sometimes randomly appear when you try to shoot in the death stage. (On my to-do list) At first, you usually died right away again when becoming alive again, because you often re-spawned on top of a enemy, but now you are immune and your ship flickers for a couple of seconds when you become alive again.
In order to allow you a bit of time to orient yourself in the death world, and to highlight that there was a difference and not just a pallet swap, I made a simple transition when you die. The screen splits in 2, and the sides uncover the next stage. It looks like this:
I liked this transition so much, however, that I put it in the beginning of the menus also, and at the beginning of my end-game score chart. O, I forgot to tell you about that. Now, when the time ends, you get a screen like this:
Next thing I will do is add this to a high score list, which will be displayed on the main window. I am still thinking where to put the controls. I think I might display them at the bottom when you start the game.
I also made a change to the way coins work. Earlier, you had to collect the coins from enemies to get score, but they where kind of difficult to get, quickly flooding the level with coins, making collecting more important then shooting and making the game run slow. Now, you get half the score upon killing the enemy, and half upon collecting the coins. The coins disappear if you don't collect them in 4 seconds. This way, you can just focus on shooting stuff, and the coins provide a incentive to move around a little but, but you still need to keep shooting.

I also recorded a gameplay video:
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This looks totally retro (my favorite style)! Nice work! I like the visual feedback that you get after shooting something. The glow effect looks great too.

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