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Day 4: Ranged attacks and more magic

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Today I adjusted the balance of skeletons and enemies, so a crowd of skeletons is useful, but a paladin or two can destroy a ton of them if you let him. I worked on necromancer magic, like making the raise dead spell an area effect ability, so you have to go near enemy bodies to turn them into skeletons. I also added archers and priests for ranged attacks. I plan to give priests the ability to bless enemies, so blessed enemies can damage you when you're in spirit mode.

Tomorrow I'm going to focus on a progression to early game to late game. I'm thinking I may make it like an old fighter game, like double dragon, where you defeat all the enemies in one area, then a hand pops up and points you to the right. This way, when you move to the new area, you leave behind the extra enemy bodies, and leave behind most of your skeletons. I think I'll also make enemies drop power ups that you can only pick up while dead, in spirit mode. Picking these up gives big boosts to your spell power for a short time, so it will be important to kill enemies while you're alive, then pick up the powerups while in spirit mode while dodging holy attacks so you can return to life.

Here's a video of what i've got so far.

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Wow, this is starting to sound really good! All the parts seem to be coming together nicely, and I look forward to playing it, especially should you manage to get that "beat-'em-up" progression in place. ^_^

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