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In the Heat of the Moment, I Lied

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I just needed a day or so to recover, I'm still working on MLR.

I've added a little popup when the player mouses over an unequipped weapon. It tells you all of the information about that gun, and disappears when your mouse moves away. I've also half-implemented rockets, they just need weapon sprites and procedural stats.

I've added a functional, albeit barebones, shopkeeper. It currently sells four weapons, each slightly better than the free weapons near it. For now, the cost is simply the distance from Vector3.zero. I'll modify that to take the weapon values into account soon.

I plan to add ranged enemies soon, more than just RocketBots and the Rocket Boss. I'm thinking there should be elite enemies, almost like other players, with proc-gen weapons just like you. They would tie into the storyline and missions.

Speaking of storyline, I plan to do some writing soon, perhaps you find documents scattered throughout the game, telling you a little bit about the world this game is in.


I had a conversation with another developer, in which they mentioned having planets. At first I thought it to be ridiculous; this is a space game, not like No Man's Sky, this is a proper space game, in space! But I thought about it some more, and the idea has grown on me. I could make assets for planets, it takes more creativity and skill than making cold, dead hallways and bulkheads, but I could do it. It really opens things up, in more than one way. In the space section of the game, everything is essentially made of corridors. Some are wide, some are narrow, but it's essentially all corridors. On planets, however, I can open things up, rolling plains and open grasslands, boundless tundra or constricting jungle. As a developer, my limitations become almost non-existent. Now, I know I can't do everything, I do have limitations, but this makes things that much cooler.


Yes, it looks janky right now, but it's the product of a few hours' work. Once I implement lighting and a day/night cycle, things will get cool.

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