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Game Mechanics

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The goal of the game is to deplete your opponent's life before they deplete yours. In order to deal damage you must score against your opponent.

Both players begin with 100 life. They also begin with 4 shields. These shields are vital for accessing your ultimate ability, if your opponent scores against you, you lose a shield. Lose all 4 and your opponent will unleash a special attack for 5 seconds. After which your shields will regenerate and the game continues.

Both players also have access to a set of skills that can also deal damage, disrupt the opponent, or defend the player. Due to the array of skills available, the player can customise their skillset to their playstyle, opting for a full on aggressive, or a more defensive, drawn-out play.

The main mode - Arcade Mode - will present a total of 9 stages for the opponent to complete. The computer will have a different set of skills in each stage, with its difficulty slowly ramping up.

In the next post I will detail the skills available to the player!

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