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Game Engines For Virtual Reality Development

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A new study by SuperData Research claims that aEURoeVideo games will be the key drivers of virtual reality hardware this year. Game developers will also have a global audience of 55.8 million virtual reality users and produce 38.9 million virtual reality devices this year. The global market is also expected to grow to $8.9 billion in 2017 and $12.3 billion in 2018.aEUR? This research report reveals how the game/app development in Virtual Reality (VR) is increasing rapidly. So, developing games or apps in VR is completely rewarding in todayaEUR(TM)s market. But to build games in VR, one of the most important factors for the virtual reality game developers is to choose the right game engine for VR development.

Here we have discussed the tools for the development of VR.

aEURc Unity3D

Unity3D is one of the best game engines for creating VR experience. Because of its lower complexity compared to other engines, Unity3D is easy to use. The first release of VR headset app is also built with Unity3D.

aEURc Unreal

Unreal is a tool which is used to develop games for VR. It is free to use for architectural industry and is basically used in rendering architectural models for immersive surroundings. The experience of this engine for building VR world is unbelievable.

aEURc CryEngine

CryEngine is one of the powerful game engines for VR development. The VR games made using Cryengine typically support high-end headset devices. But this engine costs higher than the others, though it offers some free trial period.

aEURc Lumberyard

Amazon has recently launched lumberyard as VR game engine. Lumberyard has begun to grow as a community. Actually, this is a previous version of the Crytech engine, but Amazon made some changes.

aEURc Fuzor

Fuzor transforms Revit or Sketchup models into Virtual Reality. In Fuzor, the designing process to VR is very fast that makes it a great tool for construction.

aEURc Autodesk Stingray

Autodesk Stingray provides the finest level of visualization. It offers real-time experience to its clients to build 3D visualization in 3ds Max. Released in 2015, Autodesk Stingray is also working to compete with Unity and Unreal.

aEURc Magic Leap

Magic Leap is a VR game engine which helps to build 3D virtual elements to present in real life. This prototype is updating its retinal projection technology. This technology helps to project the virtual image into usersaEUR(TM) retina.

aEURc 3 Dio

3 Dio is created by researchers of Standford CIFE. 3 Dio is a virtual immersive environment.

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Unreal has a large suite of tools for VR. A few of their most recent updates have been directed at VR gaming.

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