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Dev Blog: Week 17 - TGS & Updates #2



Hey Guys!! We are back from Tokyo Game Show; there are so many booths and lots to tell you guys about!

Firstly, we have met with 5-6 publishers from Japan, Spain, Indonesia and UK. We have shown Hell Warders and previous games to them, and the feedbacks were good. Although we understand that the actual business partnership takes a long time to develop, we still hope there will be some publisher that is willing to partner with Hell Warders.

Secondly, we saw lots of new game trial and the most attractive is Monster Hunter World. Additionally, there are lots of indie-game as well, we saw some very interesting indie-game where the AI scans through your twitter account and pick a 3D character & weapon suitable for you.

We have talked with lots of other game developer and exchanged some ideas, and hope these will be useful to Hell Warders development!

Now, time to rush our upcoming update!!

Heres some photo of Tokyo Game Show!!

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 06 09 (1).jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 08 53.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 22 21.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 11 23 37.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 29 08.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 29 56 (1).jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 41 16.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 41 35.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 41 43.jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 13 48 58 (1).jpg

Photo 21-9-2017, 16 12 02.jpg


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