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Smart App Development Company: 4 Outstanding Uses of Augmented Reality




Does “augmented reality” sounds familiar? Is your answer affirmative? Actually, your answer may be yes, but you may not know what it entails. So to clear that up, some light should be shed on the concept many still do not comprehend. If you do not know what it is, it is most likely that you will not understand just how useful this technology is. So what really is augmented reality?

A Quick Note on Augmented Reality

In case you are wondering how augmented reality works ; a quick note on AR will bring you up to speed—to a great extent— what this technology is all about.

A quick Google search will give you a precise answer very similar to this: a technology to create a false view of the use of computer-generated images. That makes sense, right? Definitely, it does. In another statement: Augmented Reality is an artificial and enhanced view of the world.

If you want to place virtual objects in real-life scenes like turn it into a digital interface, guess what does that? Augmented reality. And that just illuminate it all, right?

So just how useful is this technology? In other to put things in perspective, let’s consider its application. It is a technology that is very useful in the field of medicine, entertainment, manufacturing, and so on. So to answer the question precisely, let’s look at 6 outstanding new uses of augmented reality.

1. Can you envision the use of augmented reality in construction in the near future? Or do you think it is irrelevant or impossible? If you answer is negative in nature, you might want to reconsider. Because some technology that seems like light years away, or is impossible to the limited mind, is seating in someone’s private laboratory! And it could be that the inventor would be only a few miles away!

So currently, a team (Bentley Systems) is designing the application of augmented technology in construction that solves some of the construction industry biggest problems! If you are a civil engineer, you will know that most construction is still analog. Buildings are designed by advanced 3D tools but lack the ability to see the overlayed blueprint on the construction.

What that means is that engineers will have to refer to them constantly throughout the construction of the building. So having those blueprints is not sufficient enough. With the use of augmented reality in construction, builders will be able to see clearly the blueprints overlayed on the construction. How does that sound? So is that use of augmented technology not impressive?

2. And its application is also used in excavation! Do you know that the reason why there are reports of pipeline damage due to excavation works, is because the workers or engineers do not know where the pipeline is? Since they are not aware of it, you will know that it is a recipe for disaster. Now it is very easy to trade blame in such incidents after all someone will have to take the fall for it, but it can be easily avoidable using augmented reality. As they say: necessity is the mother of all inventions. That is a pretty big necessity, right?

And the reason why there is recorded cases of pipeline damage due to excavation related works is that learning about the pipeline is still a manual process, currently. And each crew will have to do it. Guess what? That doesn’t always happen. So it is obvious: action or inaction and the consequence.

So having a heads-up display using augmented reality on pipelines that are buried underground would definitely be a proactive measure of letting people know there is potential danger in the place they are digging. How useful is that?

Little wonder there is a leap in usability (in the construction industry.) of their (Bentley Systems) software in excavation works. And there is still potential application of augmented reality in the automated industry. The future is certainly bright.

3. In this day and age, GPS technology is a big part of our daily lives. But there are limitations still—like most technology. Sometimes, there is misinformation in the turn-by-turn directions of GPS navigation systems and also, you must take your eyes off the road to actually see where you are headed! So there is a room for the application of augmented reality here. How? This may sound futuristic but that is the nature of most innovations when they were first commercialized.

What is it? A company (Mishor 3D) is currently working to redefine the way our vehicles are navigated. It is 3D navigation aid. Do not say, what? That is impossible! As soon as you finishing saying it, you see it on the road, how would it look?!

4. Do you know that augmented reality is used in gaming, currently? Most gaming app development company might be into it. You may or you not. But what is certain is that it is used to create immersive gaming experiences. What it means is that it can enable you to shoot zombies that are walking in your own sitting room for example! There are mobile app development companies working tediously on it.

There are many augmented reality apps development companies all over the world

Here are some of the devices that can use augmented reality:

It is applicable to all screens devices.

MOBILE DEVICES: its applications in Smartphone and tablets are vast. Augmented reality works really great on mobile devices like Smartphones and tablets also. If you want to see holograms and manipulate 3D model, you can do that successfully Literally speaking, there are hundreds of Augmented Reality applications that are accessible on Smartphone.

PC AND SMART TVS: it is used to through a relayed webcam to the screen.

GLASSES, LENSES, AND HEAD-MOUNTED DISPLAY DEVICES: you can put contextual information on your camera display to enrich it. Also, you can use augmented reality to put life-size 3D models in real-life scenes without or with trackers.

what is clear, also, is that augmented reality has been used in ad campaigns too.

And there is a clear distinction between augmented reality and virtual reality. While the latter will create a complete artificial simulation of a real-life environment, augmented is a mixed of reality and computer-generated enhancements. Any mobile app development company can do it.

A brief history of Augmented Reality. It was created in the 20th century using Morton Heilig’s technology that he built.

No one can say precisely what the future of augmented reality is, but the demand for the use of it is on the increase and scientists and developers—app developing companies— are researching to advance its efficiency and applications.



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